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Plans to suit clients and budgets

Standard Plan

For general public and mass transport clients. Want to know where their vehicles are all the time. Where they went etc

Pro Plan

For commercial and govt clients that require more professional features not covered in the standard plan. For example customized user access that allows for access to different groups of vehicles info e.g. Corporate manager can access only Corporate vehicles. Customized reports including site visit and site not visits. Custom list, maintenance and fuel effiencey module etc

Advance Plan

Our most advance plan for clients that want more advance functions not available on the Pro Plan. Note though if you already on Pro Plan you can opt for specific advance functions as top ups if you don’t need all the advance functions in the Pro Plan

SkyCam 100

DashCam plan for clients that require dashcam for their vehicles. Comes with 100mb of data for uploading of event videos (20sec) to the cloud for access later. Add on option to Pro or Advance Plan

SkyCam 200

SkyCam 100 + extra 100mb data + GPS Tracking (Standard features). Best option for clients that want standard plan features + DashCam feature

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