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The Orders page

All of your shop’s orders will be in the Orders page, which is the first page you’ll see when you log in to your business on Maua Seller. Here we have tabs that allow you to easily manage your customer’s orders. We will be going through each of them to make sure you have the best experience selling on Maua.

New Orders

Whenever your customers place an order, you will get a notification and the order will show up here – in New Orders. Click on the order to review and then press ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’.

Leave ‘Reject’ as a last resort – for example, it might be better to offer replacement if a certain item is out of stock. You must give a reason for rejecting an order and the customer will be fully refunded.

If accepted, the customer will be notified and the order will be moved to In Progress.

In Progress

Here you can track what orders you have to prepare. Once an order is ready, go to the In Progress tab and select the order.

For Maua delivery: 

Click ‘Ready For Delivery’, check ‘Delivery service’ and then submit to notify your customers and our drivers.

For self-delivery: 

Check the ‘Self delivery’ option instead and proceed.


This is where you will find orders that are waiting to be picked up by either your customers or our drivers. You can click the Delivery Service dropdown to view the status of the order. There are 4 different statuses:

Waiting for driver: waiting for a driver to be assigned to an order

Assigned: the driver has been assigned and is on his way to pick up the order

On delivery: the driver has the order and is delivering it to the customer

Completed: the driver has successfully delivered the order

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Delivery statuses


Once your orders have been picked up/delivered, you will find them in the Completed tab where you can view a summary of each order.

For Maua deliveries, as soon as your order is picked up it will be automatically completed. However, for pickup and self-delivery orders you will have to manually push it to Completed in order to receive the payment for that order.


This tab simply stores orders that were cancelled or rejected by you or our customer service team. You can see an overview of each order by clicking on it which includes customer and order details as well as the reason for cancellation.

And that’s it for Orders!

General Tips & Advice

  • For pickup orders, it is good practice to note when the customers want their order ready by.

For any questions or help getting set up with us, please email