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The Pacific has very limited natural resources especially land base resources. As such management of them efficiently/sustainably is highly critical. In order to manage them though one must first capture/map them to locate, to quantify and see insights for better resource management decision making. This is where SkyEye Geospatial comes in. We help govt ministries, private companies ascertain information(Geospatial) of resources they want to map for better understanding.

What We Offer

SkyEye Geospatial offer various geospatial services/products for clients

  • Geospatial data capture
  • Geospatial data processing
  • Geospatial software and UAV training
  • Build Geospatial Systems for clients

Summary of Geospatial data and service on offer here


We also have developed platforms to cover specific use cases. For geospatial data management we have our smart tools platform. For street addressing without street names and plot numbers we have our ala addressing system

  • Ala Addressing System

Google Sat Imagery vs SkyEye Ortho (Imagery)

SkyEye Ortho mosaic Imagery we can capture and provide up to date aerial of clients land or area of interest as fast as the next day after the drone flight (Dependent on size of area and other conditions). Below is sample SkyEye Ortho Imagery (5 cm GSD) compared to Google Earth (60 cm GSD)

Google Earth (Left) SkyEye Ortho Imagery (Right)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

We are able to produce two types of Digital Elevation Models of areas of interest

  1. Digital Surface Model (DSM) which is the complete surface model of an area which includes all surface
  2. Digital Terrain Model (DTM) which is the bare ground terrain model of an area of interest
DSM (Left) vs DTM (Right)

2D Classification

From updated Drone Imagery we are able to extract features from the imagery saving time having to draw features manually through heads up digitizing. Example below SkyEye Ortho Imagery (Left) use for 2D Classification (Right) to extract Buildings, Roads, Ground, Grass and Vegetation

2 D Classification

3D Point Cloud Generation (Lidar Data)

Point cloud which are points with x,y,z values for 3d representation. Key data for 3d modelling

Classification by Height (Left) vs RGB Colorized Point Cloud (Right)

3D Point Cloud Classification

We have the ability to classify point cloud in 3D layers. eg extract only vegetation class to calculate vegetation biomass. Extract only Buildings to calculate building surface area, Building heights, average, max min etc. Extract only bare ground to generate bare ground terrain for civil works

River Flood Modelling/Inundation Flooding

Unsteady Flow modelling using HEC RAS software

Min and Max Flow for a 5 year event for Lower Vaisigago river

Sea level rise of 2 meter inundation Modelling (Saoluafata)

Cut and Fill

Civil works on earth needs to be cut or filled to level a piece of land