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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 8AM - 6PM

Register With Maua

To register, you can do so through the Maua Seller app or on any web browser via this link.

1. Enter your phone number, press “Next”, and then enter the code texted to you.

2. Fill in the following information about your business.

• Date of Birth

Simply click on the date to configure your day of birth. Make sure to choose the year first before choosing month and day.

• Location

For your address, click the “+” symbol next to “Get your shop location” and then click on the location of your business.

3. Click “Done” to submit

 Our team will be sure to notify you of when your submission has been approved.

Complete your Business Profile

Now that you’re registered with us, you’ll have complete your business profile before you start selling.

Go to My Store, Edit and then click “Add Image” to upload your business’ profile picture.

These images should be uploaded in 930 px by 580 px format.

Go to My Store, then to the Edit section and scroll down to configure your Opening and Closing times so your customers know when to order.


In your Products section, you will first need to create your Sub-categories.

To do this, choose a Main Category, select the Type, and name your Sub-category.

Click “Add” to create.

Click “Add Product” to begin adding products to it. 

Select your Sub-Category, type in the Name of the product and Description.

In this section, you should also upload the image for the product (660 px by 660 px).

Register for M-Tala

We strongly recommend having an M-Tala account as it allows you to receive card payments through MauaPay.

To register:

1. Open this link to fill out the M-Tala registration form.

2. Once you have registered, go to the My Store section of the app and click the plus icon to add your M-Tala wallet, as indicated below.

Alternatively, we do accept MyCash and bank account transfers as well. For MyCash, follow the same steps as above or sign up here for bank transfer.

For any questions or help getting set up with us, please email