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SkyEye Pacific’s Maua App platform reaches another milestone in Digital Transformation by digitizing the procurement process for one of the rural Districts in Samoa. The Lefaga & Faleaseéla District signed up to use the Maua App eVoucher system to scope, choose, place and pay for over $300,000 WST worth of farming tools for the Districts farmers and fishers. The eVoucher system has separation of duties with 1 role choosing and placing the orders and another role to Approve the orders. Once an Order is Approved, it is automatically routed to Maua Vendors that then fulfill and delivery the products. The District Officers do not have to travel to town from Supplier to Supplier looking for quotes and manually comb through thousands of products. All that is done online, they also don’t have to handle any cash or cheques as the eVouchers are the same value as cash but can only be spent on the pre-approved list of product types that adds another layer of security. The District will have all documentation and transactions ready for when the government conducts their audit of the program spending. #digitaltransformation #transparency #accountability

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