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Skyeye Pacific was contracted to build an Information Management System for all the Rainwater Harvesting Infrastructure of Samoa by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The Objectives are as follows:

  • To map and identify the amount of polythene and cement tanks in Samoa
  • To develop a database system that can locate each system detailing the following specifications:
  • Year of installation
  • Capacity of tank
  • Location
  • Number of people/HH the RWH Tank can service 

While the project required just a Management Information System, SkyEye created a complete Data Management platform for the Water & Sanitation Sector Coordination Division. Utilizing SkyEye’s SmartTools platform, the Water & Sanitation Sector Coordination Division used Digital Forms (online and offline) to collect the necessary information from the field including GPS location and photos. These Forms are uploaded directly into the Online Web Database created for the Water & Sanitation Sector Coordination Division. Linked to the Database was a Dashboard that automatically updates when data is submitted from the field.  We thank the MNRE CEO Francis Brown and ACEO Papaili Ruth Ueselani for their faith in local ICT expertise to deliver the outcomes for this project.

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