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Maua Products Page
The Products page

The Products tab is where you can manage your store’s goods and services on Maua. Here you can add products to your menu and manage stock and prices. To begin adding products you must first choose a subcategory.


To be able to add products, you must first add a subcategory. Select the Main Category and Type and then enter a name for the subcategory. Then click Add.

This will create a new subcategory.

New Products

Once you have added a subcategory, click Add Product. Fill in the general information and click on the Stock & Price tab. Here you can choose the price and number of stock for your product. You can also assign a SKU number and discount.


Variants allow you to customise your menu by offering different options for a product to customers. For example, adding the variant named “Extras” for a burger you can add options for different sauces people can choose from. Simply give a title for your variant and add the options you would like. This feature is very flexible and you can tailor it to your needs.

Submitting Your Menu

Once you are finished creating your products and variants, you can submit your menu for us to review. You will receive a notification once it has been approved!