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The use of SkyEye Fleet Management system in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and enabling development partner in JICA has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of waste collection nationwide. An 80% reduction in complaints is a tremendous achievement by The Waste Management Division and certainly beneficial for the people of Samoa. This was made possible with the help of SkyEye’s Fleet Management system, which is extremely flexible and adaptive to any application; As shown below for the Rubbish Collection Project.

The application Design

(1) The Induvidual Rubbish Collection Routes provided by the Wate Management Division were mapped on the VT application

(2) Check Points for the extents of the routes were set. These check points will check if the tracked Rubbish Trucks have reach those extents or not. Contractors gets daily reports of these check points that were reached by their rubbish trucks and also check points that were not reached.

Check Point At Mauga
Check Point at the End of Saleaumua Rd

(3) Rubbish Truck Visits to Rubbish Tip Sites like Taifagata is tracked

Taifagata Site Mapped and Monitored

(4) Daily and Weekly Reports to contractors and Waste Managmenet Division which includes

  • Trip Logs
  • Route Points Visited
  • Route Points Not Visited
  • Tip Site Visits
  • Overspeed
  • Excessive Idle
  • Unauthorized area visits
  • etc

(5) Investigative Tools when complaints are logged e.g Areas Search Tool

Allows staff to check complaints areas to check which if rubbish truck serviced the area on which day and time. This significantly reduces time to manage complaints by staff


SkyEye would like to say thankyou and congratulations to JICA, MNRE Waste Management Division and Contractors for this great project initiative which has

  • Improve the management of our rubbish collection efforts
  • Improve service to the public
  • Better govt and rubbish collection contractor coordination
  • Effective use of donor project funds

We especially like to say thank you to Seumalo, Faatamalii and Setoa of the MNRE Waste Managment Division as well as the contractors that we worked with in designing and developing this application which without this project would not have succeed. The tool/application is nothing without the people

This project illustrates how project donors, public sector and the private sector can work well together to improve our service to Samoa.

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