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Unasa Nomeneta Saili (Middle) with a few of the training participants.
Drone Video shot to end drone training session. (Location: MNRE WRD Division, Vailima, Samoa)

SkyEye was awarded a contract to offer Training and Update the QGIS Manual for Ministry of Natural Resources and Environments, Water Resources Division.  It was funded by the Economic-Wide Integration of Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction to Reduce Climate Change of Communities in Samoa (EWACC).This training went for a span of 2 weeks in which participants from the Water Resource Division and fellow partners were in attendance. SkyEye was tasked with reviewing the previous Manual created by Stuart Young in 2017 and update material; and also offer new possible workflows for the benefit of the Water Resource Division.

In addition to the original topics in the 2017 Training Manual Version, SkyEye added new intermediate and advanced topics in QGIS, GIS and Remote Sensing were also included in the manual with specific use cases requested by the MNRE WRD and other participants. In particular, newer methods for collecting GIS data, identifying water resource restricted areas, land cover areas within catchment areas, catchment and water network delineation, automatic map layouts and 3d visualisation.  

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