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Verified Name Address are verified named location of maua buyers house/work/place of interest.

Why are Name Addresses Important?

  1. Better Delivery Service. With verified Name Addresses any Maua delivery will be delivered directly to Buyers home location without any delay from calling to find where the delivery drop off location is.
  2. Accurate and consistent delivery fees. With consistent and standard drop off location relative from vendors location . The delivery fee calculated will also be consistent
  3. No need to use GPS from inside your house. With Verified Name Address gps location is already stored
  4. Maua buyer can quote to other Maua buyers their Name Address to buy goods for them to deliver to their Name Address. For example overseas family wanting to buy and deliver goods to Name Address in Samoa.

Example of Name Address

Search Name Address 8 Pasio Rd

Front Door Location for 8 Pasio Rd

How to Save Verified Name Address on Maua App

How to use Saved Name Address for Delivery on Maua App